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Institute for Materials and Processes staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Vasileios Koutsos Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation +44(0)131 6508704

Ms Diane Reid +44(0)131 6507343

Francesco Giacalone +44(0)131 6507445


Dr Debora Aline Soares Maia +44(0)131 6505685

Dr Karine Oliveira Moura +44(0)131 6505685

Prof Francisco Murilo Tavares de Luna +44(0)131 6505685

Dr Jose Carlos Alexandr de Oliveira +44(0)131 6505685

Mr Duncan Dockar

email TBC

Dr Susanna Maisano


Ms Vanessa Fernandes de Oliveira +44(0)131 6517293

Ms Arizis Ozbey +44(0)131 6505686


Mr Mehrdad Karimzadehkhouei +44(0)131 6505686


Dr Jared Taylor +44(0)131 6505627

Mr Muhammad asif Akhtar +44(0)131 6505685

Mr Mario Bruno Grieco Mercado

Dr Rosana Maria Alves Saboya +44(0)131 6505685

Mr Jack Speakman +44(0)131 6505685


Mr Alastair Mackay +44(0)131 6505685


Mr Jamie Farrell +44(0)131 6505685

Mr Finlay Wallace

Dr Francisco R García García +44(0)1316504860

Dr Xiaohong Huang

Miss Catherine Tease

Dr Xiayi Hu

email TBC

Ms Meghana Kasturi

Mr Samir Diab

Mr Davide Masiello

Mr Karthikeyan Arunachalam

Dr Richard Gowers Systems Modelling from Atoms to Processes +44(0)131 6505685

Dr Dimitrios I Gerogiorgis Systems Modelling from Atoms to Processes +44(0)131 6517072


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