Apply for an Undergraduate Degree Course

We accept and encourage applications from all able and qualified students from across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

The majority of applicants for Undergraduate degrees at Edinburgh will apply through the UCAS system.  The exceptions to this are students applying through the 2+2 Programme, the Study Abroad Programme and students applying for part-time programmes.


  • To apply for a full-time undergraduate degree programme at the University, you must apply through UCAS.
  • To apply for a part-time undergraduate degree programme, you should apply directly to the University, not through UCAS.

2+2 Programme

The School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh has an agreement with several Chinese universities which allows students to study engineering for two years in China and then transfer to The University of Edinburgh to complete a further two years of study.

Global Select Programme

The Global Select Programme is an exciting opportunity for the brightest and best students, from certain countries whose school leaving qualifications are not yet formally recognised by the University, to gain immediate entry to our Science and Engineering degree programmes without having to gain further pre-university qualifications or an appropriate foundation course.  Global Select applicants apply through UCAS.

Ameson Programme

The School of Engineering welcomes applications via the Ameson Chinese Elite (ACE) programme.  Applications to study in Edinburgh should be made through UCAS.

Study Abroad Programme

Students wishing to spend one semester, or one full academic year, at The University of Edinburgh as part of their studies at their home University should apply through the Study Abroad Programme.

Further Information

For more information please visit the University of Edinburgh website.

If you have any questions or enquiries about applying or are looking for advice, contact us.


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2+2 Programme Students
2+2 Programme Students
Global Select Students
Global Select Students