Katalin Kis, Biological Laboratory Support Technician

At the start of my post, I indicated that I would need a flexible working pattern due to childcare arrangements. In my flexible working proposal, I requested to work compressed hours whereby I would work four extended days, but remain in a full-time position.

This proposal was discussed and accepted after a meeting with the manager of the technical team. As a result, I was able to have a healthy balance between my family and work life. On the arrival of my third child, I was offered the same support by my line manager for a proposal for maternity leave arrangements.

We had several meetings prior to the birth of my son. We agreed on using the Keep-In- Touch (K.I.T.) day system, whereby I could come into meetings and still be up-to-date on any laboratory matters. Prior to my return to work, I submitted a proposal of “phased return” whereby I would use any annual leave accumulated during my maternity leave as a one day off per week. This allowed me to help ensure that my son settled okay into nursery.

Working a three-day extended hours work week allowed me to re-establish my work life balance in a stress-freeway. This arrangement was received with no objection, and everyone in the technical team was supportive and pleased to see me return to work. Now that I am back to work four days a week, I feel that approaching my line managers was a good initiative and I feel lucky to be part of a work environment that considers the needs of the individual.”

Katalin Kis, Biological Laboratory Support Technician (School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)

Katalin Kis
Katalin Kis