Firegroup Seminar: Presentations for Structures in Fire '14


AGB seminar room 3.01


Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:30


Selection criteria of fire scenarios for buildings
I.Del Prete, G. Cefarelli, A. Ferraro, E. Nigro and D. Sannino

Analytical solutions for nonlinear response of plates under thermal loading
P. Khazaeinejad and A. Usmani

Towards fragility analysis for structural fire resistance: residual capacity of
concrete columns

D. Rush, L. Bisby, I. Ioannou and T. Rossetto

Punching shear of restrained reinforced concrete slabs under fire conditions
H.K.M. Smith, T. J. Stratford and L. Bisby


A number of students and staff will be giving presentations in preparation for Structures in Fire '14, Shanghai. These will each be short 15 minute presentations (plus time for questions) covering a variety of topics within the Structures in Fire discipline.

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Martyn McLaggan

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