REFINE Annual Lecture: UK and European Perspectives on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle


Lecture Theatre T100, School of Chemistry, Joseph Black Building


Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 11:00 to 13:00

The sustainability of the current nuclear fuel cycle is not completely achieved since only a small percentage of the uranium is utilised.  The current fuel cycle does not ensure complete and efficient recycling of the potential energetic material like the actinides.  Promoting nuclear energy as a future energy source requires proposing new nuclear systems that could meet the criteria of sustainability in terms of durability, bearability and liveability. In particular, it requires shifting towards more efficient fuel cycles, in which natural resources are saved, nuclear waste minimised, efficiently confined and safely disposed of, in which safety and proliferation-resistance are more than ever ensured.

You are invited to hear two leading experts in the field of Nuclear Process Engineering who will talk about these issues and what the future holds.  Professor Bruce Hanson of the University of Leeds will give a UK perspective, while Professor Stephane Bourg of CEA Marcoule will put forward the European perspective.


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Damion Corrigan

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