Interdisciplinary Research - Bridging the Gap [IBioE/IMNS Seminar]


Conference Room 1:03, SMC, Alexander Crum Brown Road


Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 12:00 to 14:00

Fiona Denison is clinician scientist, working half time for the University in the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health and halftime for the NHS in her clinical specialty of obstetrics, specifically maternal and fetal health. Her work is translational, the main theme being to optimise maternal, fetal and healthcare outcomes. She has an expanding portfolio of interdisciplinary research projects, which traverse the traditional barriers between engineering and clinical application, and is currently developing a range of different devices and diagnostics to improve health outcomes. These range from simple devices at TLR 6/7 to improve viewing of the birthing process to more developmental projects which are at proof of concept stage, including fetal biosensing, creating needles that can see to in vivo placental spectroscopy to identify the failing placenta within the womb. She works with a range of colleagues from an engineering, textile and social science background from institutions including Heriot Watt and the University of Edinburgh.

At a national level, she is vice chair of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence Medical Technology Appraisal committee, which oversees end-stage devices which are in early stage trials with a view to generating recommendations for national adoption within the healthcare system.  In her seminar, she will provide an overview of the range of projects she is currently involved in from early stage to those with potential to create a spin-out company. She is keen to expand her portfolio of projects and is looking to develop closer links with colleagues who are developing technologies with potential for healthcare application.


Fiona Denison
Fiona Denison

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