[IMNS Seminar] Single Photon Avalanche Diodes and OLED Microdisplays


Conference Room 1:03, SMC, Alexander Crum Brown Road


Friday, September 29, 2017 - 12:45 to 13:45

The IMNS will be holding its first seminar of the new semester at lunchtime of this Friday, 29th September.  As the Graduate BBQ is taking place in the evening we will not be providing refreshments.  All are welcome to attend, we look forward to seeing you there.

The two talks to be given are as follows:

  • Claudio Accarino, a CDT-ISM PhD student supervised by Prof David Cumming at Glasgow University, will speak about his work on Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs);
  • Hanning Mai, an IMNS PhD student supervised by Prof Ian Underwood, will present his design for a high performance microdisplay based on organic light-emitting diodes;

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