Research Assistant: Integrated Circuit Design for Sensor Integration

The Implantable Microsystems for Personalised Anti-Cancer Therapy (IMPACT) project is developing new approaches to cancer treatment in both humans and animals, using implanted, smart sensors on silicon

IMPACT is a £5.2M research project, funded by an EPSRC Programme Grant, which will use miniaturised, wireless sensor chips to monitor the minute-to-minute status of an individual tumour. This will allow radiotherapy to be targeted in space and time to damage cancer cells as selectively and efficiently as possible

The team is led by the University’s School of Engineering and consists of engineers, chemists, veterinary scientists, social scientists and human cancer specialists

We seek to a research position based in Edinburgh, for a duration of 2 years. Research will be based in the School of Engineering.

We are seeking candidates who are (a) strongly motivated by research in this important field and (b) keen to work with our collaborators in Chemistry, Social Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

We are specifically looking for applicants for the following post:
Research Assistant: Integrated Circuit Design for Sensor Integration

Applicants will have already obtained or submitted a PhD, or may have relevant industrial experience.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

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+44 (0) 131 650 5589