Technologist in Metabolic Metrology

Genetic modification of cells and organisms is now a very well established technology. There are a range of tools capable of achieving transfection with high-fidelity, ease and efficiency. The challenge has now moved to the characterisation of phenotype for the modified organism, with a particular technology gap existing in accessing single-cell, dynamic data for metabolic processes. The Technologist will be actively involved in contributing to the standard development programme of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology (UK-CMSB), in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory. They will be primarily responsible for delivering technologies for characterisation of metabolic activity within mammalian cells, with their reduction to practise as standard protocols. Their secondary role is the support of collaboration with academic and research staff and students of the UK-CMSB. The post holder will ensure that the development of UK-CMSB technology standards supports and keeps pace with the research requirements, liaising with industry, collaborators and users, advising and training staff and students.

Fixed-term for 24 months.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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+44(0)131 650 7254