pureVLC Demonstrates Li-Fi Streaming along with Research Supporting World's Fastest Li-Fi Speeds up to 6 Gbps

On 6th August 2013 pureVLC announced breakthrough developments and research that will take its products to new levels.

At TED, in July 2011, Professor Harald Haas, world-famous scientist, professor at the University of Edinburgh (UoE), Chief Science Office (CSO) of pureVLC, and widely regarded as "the father of Li-Fi", performed the first live demonstration of streaming video over LED light. Today, pureVLC, the company formed to productize his ground-breaking research, has taken this technology to unprecedented heights, by simultaneously streaming six videos (three in both down- and uplink) and live telemetry over Li-Fi.

"We are extremely excited that our engineering efforts are delivering Li-Fi technology that is unparalleled and research producing speed records. Our focus is on developing our technology as a fully-functional network offering in heterogeneous wireless networks - bidirectional multi-point, multi-access, with seamless handover - essential for indoor networking and cellular offload. We have an aggressive product roadmap that will let us deliver OEM products to engage with established industry partners", stated David Kirk, pureVLC Chairman.

Prof. Haas, working through the UoE within the Ultra-Parallel-Visible-Light-Communication project, has conducted research expanding the current capabilities of Li-Fi. He stated "We have completed ground-breaking research demonstrating speeds up to 1.67 Gbps on a single color/LED. By the end of this year, we believe we can achieve 2 Gbps on each of the R, G, B channels, with a target of demonstrating aggregate speeds up to 6 Gbps."

"Li-Fi is the most exciting communications technology in over a decade. Not only will it revolutionize telecommunications and networking, but is the most viable option for solving the RF spectrum-crunch that cellular carriers will face. pureVLC is taking the right approach by focusing on the full networking capabilities of Li-Fi, and not point features.", stated Mike Ramsay, co-founder and ex-CEO of TiVo, currently CEO of Invisioneer.

About pureVLC and UoE

pureVLC is a spinout of the University of Edinburgh. The institution has a rich heritage of invention in wireless communications, dating back to the early days of Alexander Graham Bell. Through Professor Harald Haas, the University leads the world's research into Li-Fi.

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Professor Harold Haas
Professor Harold Haas