Alastair Bartlett awarded the 2014 Student Scholar Award

Many congratulations to Alastair Bartlett, a 2014 MEng Graduate in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering from the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, who has been awarded the 2014 Student Scholar Award from the Educational and Scientific Foundation of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). The award was made for Alastair's MEng Thesis, entitled "Charring Rates for Cross Laminated Timber under Standard and Non-Standard Heating Scenarios," which was supervised by Professor Luke Bisby and Dr Rory Hadden.

Alastair will present his work at the SFPE Annual Conference in California this autumn, and has recently signed up to undertake an Arup/EPSRC CASE PhD Studentship at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Dr Rory Hadden (and Professor Luke Bisby), continuing his work to study the fire performance of mass timber buildings.

Alastair and his MEng thesis partner, Andrew Ballantyne, along with Rory and Luke, are currently working on a journal paper to present their findings, and we expect that this will be published and posted on this website in due course.

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