University of Edinburgh Alumni Weekend

Beginning Friday 5 June and running until Sunday 7 June, the University of Edinburgh is holding our biggest alumni event of 2015. The events planned for this year specifically highlight the College of Science and Engineering by providing behind the scenes tours of our lab facilities and lively talks from our world-leading academics.

Take some time to reconnect with University life and find what what's happening at the School of Engineering since you graduated. You will have a chance to visit the unique FloWave Ocean Simulator to see how the tank can replicate complex combinations of currents and tides found throughout the world. Hear how the facility can be used to test offshore renewable enegy technologies and help engineers harness the power of the sea. Dr Rory Hadden, Rushbrook lecturer in Fire Investigation will highlight key milestones in the development of the department and explore how an evolving urban landscape is shaping the future of Fire Safety Engineering. Follow that up with a tour of the Rushbrook Fire Laboratory, where Dr Hadden will demonstrate a flashover and the fire tornado to highlight the fundamental science behind the application of Fire Safety Engineering.

There are many more events designed to help you explore areas of the University you may never have seen before and revist the familiar. The weekend finishes off with The Old College Afternoon Tea Party on June 7 from 3 - 5pm, including live music and a pop-up bar. Enjoy something bubbly while you reminsce in the beautiful setting of Old College.

To find out more about the events on offer and to book a space for yourself, please visit the Edinburgh Alumni Weekend website. Many events have limited capacity so please book now to secure your space. For enquiries plase contact the Alumni Office at

Students at the School of Engineering
Students at the School of Engineering