Chemical Engineering student Euan Dodds awarded 2016 Salters' prize

Euan Dodds, a 5th year Chemical Engineering student, has been awarded a 2016 Salters' prize. He joins a long line of prize winners, confirming that we are consistently producing some of the best Chemical Engineering graduates in the UK.

Salters' Graduate Prizes

Up to ten prizes of £1,000 each are awarded to final-year undergraduates studying at UK universities, trying to keep an even balance between chemists and chemical engineers.

Prizes are awarded on the basis of assessments of the potential of candidates ultimately to occupy leading positions in public life, either by employment in the Chemical or related industries, or more generally in employment that supports the industrial life of the UK. Candidates are expected to show some knowledge of the Chemical industry’s current situation and the need for changing technology in the future. In reflecting these aims, the selectors look particularly for:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Capacity to initiate
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to enlist the co-operation of others, whether colleagues or subordinates
  • A concern for the future of the UK industrial base

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