Chemical Engineering student Jack Speakman awarded EPSRC bursary

Jack Speakman, a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student, has been awarded an EPSRC bursary to conduct a summer undergraduate research project in Dr Sarkisov's group for 8 weeks.

EPSRC Bursary Project Abstract

In this project we will use molecular simulations to investigate a completely new way to store energy in the form of confined methane hydrates. The possibility of methane hydrates forming in porous materials under ambient conditions has been recently suggested by an experimental study of Casco and co-workers. If confirmed, this effect could be exploited to develop new high density methane storage devices for vehicular and other applications. In the first instance the current project will attempt to reproduce and understand the results from the experimental study in a theoretical model. Using detailed molecular understanding of the confined hydrate formation, we will explore the most optimal conditions for methane storage in terms of pore size distribution, pressure and temperature.

Further Information

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