AIMday® Construction: Academic registration is now open until 2nd September

Academic registration is now open for AIMday Construction, which will be held in Edinburgh on 3rd October 2016.

Questions have been posed by companies such as AECOM Ltd, Jacobs UK Ltd, Keir Construction, Robertson Group and Stewart Milne Group and cover topics such as:

  • “How do we use Big Data to make Edinburgh a Smart City”
  • “How can we more accurately predict the health and associated benefits of improved streets and public realm design.”
  • “How can we improve our materials management & stock systems on site, so we operate more in a JIT environment, to reduce costs & increase efficiency?”
  • “How can we best capture carbon footprint of the City in terms of infrastructure operation generally (covering buildings and all forms of transportation).
  • “How can we economically analyse a structures response to forced vibration when equipment sensitive to movement is located at the centre of a suspended span of flat slab construction?”
  • “How can the Construction Industry better utilise modern methods of construction including off-site modularisation?”

AIMday stands for Academic Industry Meeting day. It is a one day event at which companies submit a question or commercial challenge within the Construction theme. Multi-disciplinary academics with knowledge on how to address the specific company challenges then self-select the questions they believe they can add most value to in the workshops. On the day itself the academic group attend a one hour workshop face to face with the company to discuss possible pathways to a solution. 

The event aims to facilitate networking between academia and industry and to develop opportunities for future collaborative research projects.

For additional information about the event please visit the AIMday website or contact

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