Dr Quan Li awarded Guest Professorship

Dr Quan Li, Lecturer in the School of Engineering, has been awarded Guest Professorship from Tianjin University, in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of Applied Superconductivity. The President of Tianjin University, Professor Jiajun Li, chaired the ceremony and highly commended Dr Li’s work on superconductor technology for future sustainable energy system.

Tianjin University is the first university in China, known as a world class institution with distinctive qualities and strengths in education, research and social service. The title ‘Guest Professorship’ is conferred by Tianjin University upon world recognized distinguished scientists.

Dr Quan Li is currently leading a research group in the Institute for Energy Systems focusing on superconductor technology and its applications. His research work on superconducting submarine cables for global power networks, HTS fault current limiters for energy network security, superconducting wireless chargers for electric vehicles, and HTS medical accelerators for cancer treatment, has been internationally recognised as promising solutions to the key challenges in Energy and Healthcare.

Dr Quan Li with Tianjin University Principal
Dr Quan Li with Tianjin University Principal