IES Researcher awarded Outstanding Paper Award

World-first demonstration of large-scale 3D flow sensor for marine applications and Outstanding Paper Award, 2015

Dr Brian Sellar, Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering has been awarded the Outstanding Paper Award, 2015 in the category of measurement science from the Institute of Physics journal of Measurement Science and Technology (celebrating its 90th anniversary this year). This publication was a collaboration with Dr Marshall Richmond of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA who funded access to the research time of Dr Sam Harding, now at PNNL and a former PhD graduate of the School of Engineering.

The work, which has over one thousand downloads, reports on the development, construction and remote operation of Brian’s novel flow measurement sensor deployed successfully in a highly energetic tidal site at EMEC, UK whilst integrated with the DeepGEN IV 1MW commercial-scale tidal turbine. The tidal turbine was developed and deployed under the Energy Technology Institute’s ReDAPT Tidal project.

The publication is open-access and can be found at:

High-resolution velocimetry in energetic tidal currents using a convergent-beam acoustic Doppler profiler