New MSc in Electrical Power Engineering

The School of Engineering is delighted to introduce our MSc in Electrical Power Engineering, a brand new programme specifically designed to help meet the industry’s worldwide demand for highly skilled power engineers. From conventional to distributed and renewable generation, and from micro- and smart grids to High Voltage DC transmission systems, the MSc in Electrical Power Engineering covers the analysis, design and operation of both conventional and disruptive electrical power components, systems and processes at a wide range of different scales.

The innovative programme will be delivered by experienced academics of the School’s Institute for Energy Systems, a group with a long track record of large research projects in the area of electrical power engineering and strong links with industry. MSc EPE graduates will have all the essential skills and training needed to succeed in both academic and industrial settings, appreciating the global technical, social and economic challenges faced within the Power & Energy sector, in both developed and developing countries.

For more information and to apply to this programme visit:

MSc in Electrical Power Engineering
MSc in Electrical Power Engineering