PhD student Keith Smith invited to House of Commons

Keith Smith, a PhD student in the Institute for Digital Communications, has been selected to present his research at the STEM for Britain competition. Keith will be attending the House of Commons on 13 March to present his poster and research to parliamentarians.

Keith’s research focuses on the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. He is developing novel, affordable and safe methods to analyse brain activity which reveal underlying differences between those affected by the disease and those who are not. This could enable detection at the crucial early stages.

The competition usually attracts over 500 entries, of whom just over a third present their work in Parliament. It aims to engage with members of both Houses of Parliament and raise the profile of early-stage researchers in science, engineering, technology and mathematics. 

Mr Stephen Metcalfe MP, Chairman of the STEM for Britain organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, will sponsor the event at the House of Commons during this year’s British Science Week.

Keith Smith
Keith Smith, Institute for Digital Communications