Dr Dimitrios Gerogiorgis awarded RAEng Industrial Fellowship

Dr Dimitrios Gerogiorgis, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship in collaboration with Molson Coors, the global brewing company. 

The Industrial Fellowship focuses on a project which aims to rigorously optimise high-quality beer production. 

State-of-the-art computational algorithms and industrial data will be used, leading to more efficient energy and resource processes. 

Dr Dimitrios Gerogiorgis, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering said:

"I am pleased to announce this partnership. which will strengthen the University's links with the UK beverage industry."

Master's level and PhD projects will be developed to aid this work and the School's undergraduate teaching will also incorporate new computational and experimental industrial case studies.

Molson Coors is expected to acquire unprecedented brewing insight through this partnership, via flavour quantification and systematic model parameter estimation. The collaboration will serve high-fidelity modelling and comparative evaluation of optimisation methodologies.

Dr Gerogiorgis is a lecturer in Chemical Engineering who, in addition to his academic teaching, has substantial industrial collaboration experience. 

Dr Dimitrios Gerogiorgis
Dr Dimitrios Gerogiorgis