Inspire Launch Grow award win for student Solomon White

Solomon White accepting his award
Solomon White at the Inspire Launch Grow Awards

Solomon White has won an Emerging Innovation Award for his work with satellite images to monitor ocean health. 

The £10,000 prize, awarded by Edinburgh Innovations, will help Solomon support and grow his company SEASAT as he tracks coastal ocean health to tackle climate change. 

SEASAT use satellite images and machine learning algorithms to measure ocean environmental vulnerability, assess biological productivity and ecosystem development predicting how oceans will respond to increases in temperature from global warming. 

Solomon commented: 

"There is a growing drive to eat locally, sustainable produced food. With climate change putting pressure on aquaculture, from marine heatwaves to toxic algal blooms, we aim to produce maps of temperature and ocean health from space. Predicting extreme weather events ahead of time, making fisheries more sustainable; environmentally, economically and ethically."   

Inspire Launch Grow awards are an annual celebration of entrepreneurship at the University of Edinburgh. The Emerging Innovation Award recognises technology-based businesses, social enterprises and ideas with outstanding commercial potential. Award winners show possibility of high growth, scalability and the potential to create jobs and have an impact on the local economy. 

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