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  • One of our 5th year Mechanical Engineering students, Euan Hunter, is currently attempting to break the world record for cycling solo through all 48 contiguous US States.

  • The annual Engineering Challenge took place this May at the University of Edinburgh Firbush Outdoor Centre by the south side of Loch Tay, Perthshire.

    Researchers from the Institute for Materials and Processes dressed casually for outdoor spring activities with Loch Tay and Ben Laters behind them
  • Samir Diab, a third year Chemical Engineering student has secured an EPSRC Vacation Scholarship to conduct research in Dr. Lev Sarkisov's group.

    The project will focus on molecular simulations of properties of ionic liquids inside high surface area activated carbons.

    Molecular visualization of a realistic model of high surface area activated carbon
  • Staff from the School of Engineering contributed to a key report published by The Royal Academy of Engineering into the future of wind energy in the UK.

    Windfarm with several wind turbines pictured with countryside in foreground and blue sky and clouds in the background
  • A powerful camera is being developed that will enable scientists to examine living cells in unprecedented detail.

    The fingernail-sized device, mounted within a microscope, will enable close-ups of the movement of molecules within cells.


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