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  • Professor David Milne, who founded Wolfson Microelectronics while working in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, has been awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh Royal Medal 2012.

    Professor David Milne receiving his medal from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
  • The device consists of car tyres lashed together to form a giant 80-100 metre ring that is filled with a buoyant material, such as foamed concrete, to support giant plastic tubes which extend 100m deep into the ocean.

    Professor Stephen Salter
  • Prof Tughrul Arslan, Ahmed El-Rayis and Nakul Haridas at the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS) invented and pioneered a novel "smart antenna" that will make poor reception for smart phones and tablet PCs "a thing of the past".

    Ahmed El-Rayis, Prof Tughrul Arslan and Nakul Haridas co-founders of SOFANT Technologies
  • James Truesdale, who graduated with a MEng degree in Chemical Engineering in June 2012, has won the AWE Award for the Best Chemical Engineering Student at the 2012 SET Awards.

    James Truesdale being presented his trophy by Keith Hall from AWE
  • Professor Harald Haas has been featured in the first edition of CNN's Make Create Innovate Programme:

    Professor Harold Haas


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