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School of Engineering Staff
Staff Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Dr Fahimeh Dehkhoda Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Giulia Deiana Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Prarthana Desai Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Thibaut Desguers Energy Systems +44(0)131 6508698

Mr Arjan Dexters Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Samir Diab Materials and Processes

Dr Konstantinos Diamantis Digital Communications

Mr Francisco Javier Diaz Sanchez Materials and Processes

Miss Daisy Kanada Elizabeth Dickinson Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Dr Simone Dimartino Bioengineering +44(0)131 6507305

Mr Fergus Dingwall

Mr Nikolaos Dionelis Digital Communications

Prof Jaco Dirker Multiscale Thermofluids

Dr John Dixon

Dr Sasa Djokic Energy Systems +44(0)131 6505595

Mr Andrei Dobrescu Digital Communications

Dr Jacob Dobson Energy Systems +44(0)131 6506487

Mr Duncan Alexander Dockar Multiscale Thermofluids +44(0)131 6505997

Miss Jennifer Dodoo Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Henry Dodson Energy Systems

Miss Kayleigh Doherty Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mrs Anna Domagala +44(0)131 6519033

Mr Xinxin Dong Materials and Processes

Dr Jiangfang Dong Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Matthew Donora Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Mairi Dorward Energy Systems +44(0)131 6517293

Dr Andy Downes Bioengineering +44(0)131 6505660

Ms Corie Downie Multiscale Thermofluids

Dr Samuel Draycott Energy Systems +44(0)131 6513556

Mr Piotr Drelich Digital Communications


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