Dr Dong-hyuk Shin

Lecturer in Internal Combustion Engines



+44(0)131 6505661



Personal Page: 

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Multiscale Thermofluids

Academic Qualifications: 

  • 2012 PhD, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2006 BS (summa cum laude), Aerospace Engineering with minor in Mathematics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Research Interests: 

Turbulent Flame Modelling

Direct Numerical Simulation of Oscillating Flame Holder

This is a good fundamental research project to study the turbulent flame dynamics in a strong shear flow. This project aims to improve understanding of the effect of turbulent fluctuation on the flame structure and its propagation.

Modelling of Combustion Instability

The onset of combustion instability in modern gas turbines is one of the major technological problem hindering the development of clean, efficient energy/propulsion systems. As combustion instability aries from a coupling from heat release and pressure fluctuations, we aim to understand the heat release and acoustic generation inside the combustion chamber.

High Performance Computing on reacting flow systems

Direct Numerical Simulation on unsteady turbulent jet

Although jet flow is one of the simplest configuration in fluid dynamics, its dynamic behaviour is still not well understood. The unsteady jet is frequently utilized in engineering applications such as fuel injections in internal combustion engines. This project aims to develop model for unsteady turbulent jet based on high fidelity numerical simulation.

Large Eddy Simulation of Swirl Stabilized Combustor

Large Eddy Simulation is a promising computational tool to capture the onset of combustion instability on practical combustors.  This temporarally evolving simulation can resolve turbulent fluctuations with practical accuracy to provide all the information inside the combustor.