Professor James R Hopgood

Director of Discipline for Electronic and Electrical Engineering



+44(0)131 6505571


2.05 Alexander Graham Bell Building

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Imaging, Data and Communications

Research Theme: 

  • Signal and Image Processing
Dr James R Hopgood
Dr James R Hopgood


Academic Qualifications: 

  • M.Eng., M.A., Ph.D.

Research Interests: 

Acoustic Sensing

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Nonstationary signal processing

Understanding and utilising nonstationarity to produce superior results both in existing problems solved using the stationarity assumption, and previously intractable problems.

Acoustic Reverberation Cancellation

Application of Bayesian methods to remove acoustic reverberation from audio signals, both in a single-channel and multi-channel environment.

Single Channel Signal Separation

Novel techniques for tackling the fundamental problem of separating multi-signals from a single data-record; still a largely unsolved problem.

Image Processing

Application of Bayesian methods to the restoration of photographic images, to compensate for degradations due to, for example, motion blur, out-of-focus blur, and atmospheric turbulence.

Ultrasound Image Restoration

Blind deconvolution in ultrasound imaging is an important problem which can improve the clarity of the image presented to the clinician.


  • Statistical Signal Processing, concerning the utilisation of stochastic nonstationarity in single and multi-channel blind signal separation and deconvolution.

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