Miss Kristin Luttik




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  • Energy Systems
Miss Kristin Luttik
Miss Kristin Luttik




Kristin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2010. After a year of travelling and gaining work experience as an engineering intern with 7AC Technologies Inc, she moved to Scotland to study for her Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh; which she was awarded with distinction in 2012. Following this she worked in industry, working as a graduate project engineer at EPR Scotland. In 2015 she started her Engineering Doctorate with IDCORE under the supervision of Dr I.M. Viola. Working with SAMS, she is researching the potential of using kites in large-scale, subsea, power generation. Her work includes creating an analytical model, and validating this using a scaled physical kite model.