Mr Alastair Ian Bartlett

Research Associate




Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Theme: 

  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
Alastair Bartlett


Alastair is currently working as a Research Associate in Fire Safety Engineering at the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering within the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, after completing his PhD in 2018. His main research at present focusses on characterising the external fire plume from compartments with exposed timber surfaces, and understanding the implications for fire spread within and between buildings.

Alastair's PhD research focussed on the changes in fire dynamics in compartments with exposed timber surfaces, particularly with relation to the concept of auto-extinction and burnout. 

Before starting his PhD, Alastair graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MEng in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering in 2014. He was awarded the Ove Arup Foundation Prize in Fire Safety Engineering for the top student graduating on the MEng Structural and Fire Safety Engineering course, and his final year thesis, entitled "Charring Rates of Cross-Laminated Timber Under Standard and Non-Standard Heating Scenarios" was awarded the Student Scholar Award by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers in October 2014.

Academic Qualifications: 

  • PhD Fire Safety Engineering, The University of Edinburgh (2018)
  • MEng Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, The University of Edinburgh (2014)

Research Interests: 

Alastair's research interests include:

  • Multi-scale experimental investigations into the fire behaviour of engineered timber products; 
  • Contribution of exposed timber surfaces to compartment fires; 
  • Errors in measurements in fire experiments;
  • Effect of exposed timber surfaces on the external fire plume and subsequent fire spread;
  • Glueline performance of engineered timber products;
  • Effects of combustible materials on standard fire testing methods.

Further Information: 

Journal Publications:

  • Hudspith V., Hadden R., Bartlett A., and Belcher C. 2017. Does fuel type influence the amount of charcoal produced in wildfires? Implications for the fossil record, Palaeontology (61) pp. 159-171,
  • Bartlett A., Hadden, R., Hidalgo J., Santamaria S., Wiesner F., Bisby L., Deeny, S., and Lane B. 2017. Auto-Extinction of Engineered Timber: Application to Compartment Fires with Exposed Timber Surfaces, Fire Safety Journal (91) pp. 407-413,
  • Hadden R., Bartlett A., Hidalgo J., Santamaria S., Wiesner F., Bisby, L., Deeny, S., and Lane, B. 2017. Effects of Exposed Cross Laminated Timber on Compartment Fire Dynamics, Fire Safety Journal (91) pp. 480-489,
  • Lineham S., Thomson D., Bartlett A., Bisby, L., and Hadden, R. 2016. Structural Response of Fire-Exposed Cross-Laminated Timber Beams under Sustained Loads, Fire Safety Journal (85) pp. 23-34