Mr Alastair Ian Bartlett




John Muir

Engineering Discipline: 

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Infrastructure and Environment

Research Theme: 

  • Fire Safety Engineering
Alastair Bartlett


Journal Publications:

  • Hudspith V., Hadden R., Bartlett A., and Belcher C. 2017. Does fuel type influence the amount of charcoal produced in wildfires? Implications for the fossil record, Palaeontology,
  • Bartlett A., Hadden, R., Hidalgo J., Santamaria S., Wiesner F., Bisby L., Deeny, S., and Lane B. 2017. Auto-Extinction of Engineered Timber: Application to Compartment Fires with Exposed Timber Surfaces, Fire Safety Journal (91) pp. 407-413,
  • Hadden R., Bartlett A., Hidalgo J., Santamaria S., Wiesner F., Bisby, L., Deeny, S., and Lane, B. 2017. Effects of Exposed Cross Laminated Timber on Compartment Fire Dynamics, Fire Safety Journal (91) pp. 480-489,
  • Lineham S., Thomson D., Bartlett A., Bisby, L., and Hadden, R. 2016. Structural Response of Fire-Exposed Cross-Laminated Timber Beams under Sustained Loads, Fire Safety Journal (85) pp. 23-34

Academic Qualifications: 

  • MEng Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, The University of Edinburgh (2014)

Research Interests: 

Multi-scale experimental investigations into the fire behaviour of engineered timber products; contribution of exposed timber surfaces to compartment fires; bench-scale exploration of fundamental material parameters of timber with application to auto-extinction.