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School of Engineering people
Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Mrs Michelle Burgos Almada

Mr Joseph Michael Lea Burnford Multiscale Thermofluids

Dr Rebecca Burns

Mr Sergiu Busuioc Multiscale Thermofluids

Dr Iain Butler Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Andrea Caio Energy Systems

Ms Jemma Caldwell +44(0)131 6507357

Dr Anthony Callanan Bioengineering +44(0)131 6507355

Dr Katherine Cameron +44(0)131 6505913

Mr Avalon Campbell-Cousins Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Zakary Campbell-Lochrie Infrastructure and Environment

Dr Rosario Capozza Bioengineering

Mr Gianpio Caringella Bioengineering

Ms Nathalie Caron +44(0)131 6505613

Dr Ricky Carvel Infrastructure and Environment +44(0)131 6513576

Mr Gabrielis Cerniauskas Materials and Processes

Miss Anna-Katerina Chabidis +44(0)131 6505584

Mr Matthew Chadwick Bioengineering

Dr Hwa Kian Chai Infrastructure and Environment +44(0)131 6507153

Professor Hannah Chalmers Energy Systems +44(0)131 6505694

Miss Nadhita Chanchaona Materials and Processes

Mr Hengtai Chang Imaging, Data and Communications

Ms Emma Charlesworth

Dr Efthalia Chatzisymeon Infrastructure and Environment +44(0)131 6505711

Mr Jinzhe Che Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Yuan Chen Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Jianhui Chen Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Feng Chen Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Fuzhen Chen Infrastructure and Environment

Miss Siyu Chen Materials and Processes


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