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  • Energy Systems

Research Theme: 

  • Offshore Renewable Energy
Gabriele Pisetta - PhD candidate


Gabriele earned a Master degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 2016 at the Politecnico di Milano. For his master thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Gibertini, he investigated experimentally the effects of an actively controlled Gurney flap acting on an oscillating helicopter blade profile.

In October 2016, Gabriele joined the Wind & Marine Energy Systems CDT led by the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and the University of Edinburgh. During the first year, as part of the training programme, Gabriele worked on two projects concerning the optimisation of O&M vessel planning and scheduling for offshore wind farms, and the performance enhancement of flapping foil energy harvesters.

In October 2017, he started his PhD project on gust alleviation by morphing blades for wind and tidal turbines, in the @VOILAb_ research group led by Dr. Ignazio Maria Viola. The aim of the project is to develop a novel intelligent blade that through a high-frequency morphing will cancel fatigue loads and enhance energy harvested.

Academic Qualifications: 

  • 2016 MSc Aeronautical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
  • 2013 BSc Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Milano


  • 2018 - present, Tutor, Mathematics, the University of Edinburgh

Research Interests: 

  • Tidal turbines
  • Flapping foil energy harvesters
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Unsteady fluid dynamics
  • Active/Passive load control systems

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