Mr Ross Calvert




1.04-E Alrick Building

Research Institute: 

  • Energy Systems

Research Theme: 

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Environmental Engineering

Academic Qualifications: 

  • 2015 - Masters of Engineering in Aerospace engineering from University of Bristol with year abroad in University of California
    • Final project: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics proof of concept for modelling artificial whitewater courses
  • 2015 - University of Bristol Vacation Studentship
    • Devleoping an implcit numerical solver for almost incompressible SPH
  • 2016 - Started PhD in Energy Systems under Dr Ton van den Bremer and Dr Alistair Borthwick
    • University of Edinburgh EPRSC Doctoral Training Partnership funding

PhD Title: Transport of plastic pollution in the ocean

Research Interests: 

  • Analytical solutions of water waves, predominately using the two techniques;
    • Multiple scales pertubuation theory for wave groups and
    • Seconrd order difference and sum terms
  • Transport of plastic pollution in the ocean, specifically investigating
    • The inertial effect of plastic particles when transported by wave action,
    • Sorting of plastic by size in the coastal region and
    • Paths of plastic pollution in the deep sea.