Mr Ruben Dario Bravo Vargas




4.120 Faraday Building

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  • Energy Systems

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  • Energy Storage and Carbon Capture
  • Power Systems
Mr Ruben Bravo
Mr Ruben Bravo


Ruben Bravo is currently a PhD candidate in the Institute for Energy Systems of the School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh. He is working with Dr Daniel Friedrich on modelling and optimisation of the design and operation of large-scale hybrid renewable energy systems integrated with energy storage.

Prior starting his PhD, he worked in the development of energy projects at the Chilean National Petroleum Company and BHP's Escondida copper mine in Chile.

Ruben received his master's degree in energy systems from The University of Melbourne, Australia, and his bachelor's degree from Federico Santa Maria Technical University, Chile.


  • R.Bravo, C.Ortiz, R.Chacartegui, D.Friedrich (2019), Hybrid solar power plants with thermochemical energy storage: A multi-objective operational optimisation., Energy Conversion and Management,
  • R.Bravo, D.Friedrich. (2019), Two-Stage, Multi-objective Optimisation Framework for an Efficient Pathway to Decarbonise the Power Sector. In: Rodrigues H. et al. (eds) EngOpt 2018 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Engineering Optimization. EngOpt 2018. Springer, Cham.

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  • Python
  • LaTeX