Cindy Iskandar

MSc Advanced Power Engineering, 2022

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh?

Because it is the leading university in innovation in my field: power systems engineering and energy modelling.

What path has your career taken since graduation?

I got my job at a leading company in my field. I am now working on cutting-edge software technology and on revolutionary projects with GE.

What is your current role?

Power Systems and Optimization Engineer. I mainly work on projects involving electricity markets. I am currently working on NORCAP, which is a project that uses the flow-based methodology to calculate the day ahead, month ahead and year ahead capacity on cross borders interconnections for the Nordic countries and the Nordic grid.

What experiences do you feel helped you get to your current position?

My dissertation was supervised by Professor Aristides Kiprakis. Aristides was very helpful and integrated me to the Agile Energy Systems Group. My dissertation was about designing an online digital twin for the solar farm at the University's Easter Bush campus.

It was because of my dissertation that I applied and joined GE, not only because it fortified my application but it also reinforced my passion and my knowledge about smart grid applications.

How have you used the skills and knowledge developed during your degree in your career?

I use the skills I acquired at Edinburgh every single day at work. My work involves power grids a lot, optimization work and voltage regulation, things that I learnt with School of Engineering academics Aristides Kiprakis and Sasa Djokic.

Did you do any work experience while you were a student at the University of Edinburgh, and if so how did it help you in determining the field you wanted to pursue professionally?

Yes. I completed a summer internship working on products related to smart grids.

Can you tell us of any personal or professional achievements in your career so far?

I am currently the youngest team lead and product owner. I managed to become the nucleus of a very complex project for a key client to GE in one year only. I also am the only woman in my team.

If you could offer some advice to prospective and current students what would it be?

Benefit from all the conferences, events and courses given by the University. And most importantly, benefit from your professors, their knowledge, their connections, the projects they are working on. You are at a leading university; take advantage from that.