Shanece Wilson

MSc Sustainable Energy Systems, 2022

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh?

I chose to study at the University of Edinburgh because I wanted to delve into the sustainable energy industry but felt I lacked the foundational knowledge. The University's intriguing research and facilities (such as Flowave Ocean Energy Research Facility) captured my interest.

Additionally, the allure of the stunning city of Edinburgh sealed the deal for me!

What path has your career taken since graduation?

After graduation I started the Global Graduate Scheme at ScottishPower Renewables, where I am currently!

What is your current role?

I am currently on the Global Graduate Scheme within ScottishPower Renewables as an electrical engineering graduate. I have done rotations within the cable design team, main plant design team, operations and maintenance electrical team, and will be joining a turbine Installation team for my final placement.

What experiences do you feel helped you get to your current position?

I believe that my experiences within student-led organisations not only honed my leadership and networking skills but also provided invaluable hands-on experiences. Additionally, my summer placements allowed me to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings, ultimately paving the way to my current position.

How have you used the skills and knowledge developed during your degree in your career?

Within the MSc Sustainable Energy Systems program you gain a holistic understanding of the renewable energy industry as well as the challenges it faces. This knowledge has been instrumental within my graduate rotations in understanding and evaluating interfaces and risks. Of course, the wind energy and electrical system courses directly translate to my role as well!

If you could offer some advice to prospective and current students what would it be?

My advice to prospective and current students is to find ways to integrate your passion into your studies and activities. When you align your interests with your pursuits, your performance improves, and this positivity shines through. .

Shanece Wilson
Shanece Wilson