Donor Stories

Hear the stories behind the donations, from the people who made them.

The School would like to thank the following supporters for their kind generosity. We would also like to thank those donors who wish to remain anonymous.

  • My final contribution to the University will be a legacy which I intend to be divided equally between the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Engineering thus reflecting my continued interest in both fields. The UK has a world-class university sector and as a member of the Russell Group, the University of Edinburgh is firmly established as one of the best. If my small contributions help preserve that reputation and assist in the education of future generations of scientists and engineers, then I shall feel I have gone some way in repaying a debt of gratitude.

    Atholl Hay, smiling portrait photograph, spectacles, grey hair and beard, wearing a grey woolen suit, blue shirt and patterned tie
  • My name is Bruce Webb, and I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.

    I gained so much from my time at Edinburgh – knowledge, skills, lifelong friendships and a solid foundation on which to build a career and continuing professional development including Chartership and becoming a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.  

    Bruce Webb, profile photo, looking to the left, short hair, bearded, wearing blue suit shirt and tie
  • Why did I support the Maker Space at the School of Engineering?

    A number of events, not least the 150th anniversary of the first Regius Professor at Edinburgh, had set me thinking about the engineering training I had received at Edinburgh and what, with the benefit of hindsight, were the features that were missing.

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