Bruce Webb

My name is Bruce Webb, and I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.

I gained so much from my time at Edinburgh – knowledge, skills, lifelong friendships and a solid foundation on which to build a career and continuing professional development including Chartership and becoming a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.  

I like to make things. I like to tinker and build – whether that is part of a major engineering project in the desert or deep sea or remote mountain range …or at home in my workshop. My Grandfather was a shipbuilder and from the age of eight or so I used to ‘help’ him in his workshop – making, shaping, designing, testing. I have a range of his tools I still use today.

Since graduating, I've remained involved with the University, guest lecturing from time to time and more recently joining the Engineering Development Advisory Committee who work with the Head of School to advise on strategy and fundraising to support School projects.

In that time, I've been hugely impressed by the enthusiasm, talent and entrepreneurship displayed by the students I've met and listened to presenting some of their many projects. I heard one particularly special request for support - the Maker Space. This will see the creation of a new dedicated space within the School where students can work on a variety of projects, from developing Hyperloop technology to building driverless cars to launching rockets. 

I donated £1250 which will go directly towards ensuring that today's students of Engineering will have better facilities to work on some truly exciting, innovative and hands-on projects. I have donated money and also time and energy to something which gives me a strong personal link to the past but also more excitingly – the future.

Bruce Webb
November 2020

Bruce Webb, profile photo, looking to the left, short hair, bearded, wearing blue suit shirt and tie
Bruce Webb