Engineering Student Innovation Fund

The Engineering Student Innovation Fund helps bridge the gap between our students' ambitions and their realisation.

Engineering both defines and underpins our daily lives. From impressive landmarks to intricate medical devices at the smallest scales, the products of ingenuity and the application of science make our lives safer, longer, more comfortable – better.

Take the Forth Bridge, for example. Not only a vital transport route, this magnificent cantilever structure represents an extraordinary milestone in engineering design and construction.

As trained engineers we understand the teamwork, creativity, drive and careful design needed to deliver such a landmark. It is precisely these qualities that our students demonstrate when they dedicate long hours to solving engineering challenges. Students are hungry for opportunities to expand their education and develop the skills that will enable them to contribute great things to society.

Engineering appetite and talent are not lacking in our highly enthusiastic and bright students. But the cost of materials and other expenses often present obstacles to exploring their great ideas.

This is why we have created the Engineering Student Innovation Fund. By providing funds for materials, equipment or travel, you can bridge the gap between our students’ ambitions and their realisation – however large or small their project.

Your donation will be applied in full to support student engineering projects that will make an impact external to the university, meaning you can really make a difference while accelerating the innovation and ambition of the next generation of engineers.


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Engineering Student, Edinburgh
Engineering Student, Edinburgh