CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) courses available at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.
  • The combination of Sensing and Measurement is arguably the most fundamental scientific discipline required and utilised by society: it impacts on all areas of life from integrated atomic clocks for GPS location, through the myriad of chemical and physical sensors found in science, industry, environmental monitoring, consumer goods, biomedicine, food, energy and transport.

    Prestigious EPSRC Awards are available to high calibre applicants for this programme

    Now recruiting for 2017-18

    Please see for full information about the CDT.

    James Clark Maxwell Telescope, Hawaii
  • The leading centre for research and training, working to tackle climate change and support the UK's energy future. Make a Difference - Join us in October 2017

  • OPTIMA is a 4 year PhD training programme combining:

    • excellent research and PhD supervision in world-leading scientific environments, and
    • a bespoke programme of business training in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.
    OPTIMA Researcher in the lab
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