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  • Arriving in Edinburgh!

    6 months ago I actually wouldn't have imagined myself being here, I was applying for many different scholarships hoping for the best, yet I actually didn't believe that I might be able to attend this year's MSc Sustainable Energy Systems programme.

  • Terrific view from Blackford Hill

    28th March 2016, was the first time I came to Edinburgh as a tourist. I still remember how I marveled at such a distinctive city after I went out from Waverley train station. 11th September 2016, I came back here again as a postgraduate student of University of Edinburgh.

  • Off to Hogwarts, shall we?

    Last week I and a good friend from my old university decided to book a tour to Hogwarts castle. We didn’t get off to the best start. It was raining and freezing cold when we went out to the meeting point near the Royal Mile.  We arrived there just in time.

  • The Gold at Bank of England Musuem

    The warmer April begins with the last day of teaching session followed by the relaxing spring break. After a long, tensed and dim (I mean the weather) study period, it is time to step out of door and enjoy (if there is) some precious sunshine.

  • Celebrating the graduand - Siti Amirah Haji Yussof

    The beginning of summer had witnessed three significant events: The EU Referendum, University of Edinburgh's Summer Graduation, and the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr.

  • A much deserved outing right after our last exam

    One thing about this country or any other temperate region is that the weather overall stays within reasonable limits and there is a clear changeover between different seasons.


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