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  • Kirk on the Bus Route

    The bus stop is less than fifty meters from my doorstep. Sometimes I happily walk towards it, other times I desperately run, and there have also been times when I run towards the opposite direction trying to catch the bus at the next stop.

  • Flowers on Edinburgh Castle Hill

    April is misleadingly relaxing. Classes are only in session for the first week, and after that there is a week of revision with an additional week for break.

  • Snow in Edinburgh!

    Winter in Edinburgh has a special taste; a bit of homesickness mixed with some memories of good times with the family, and the beauty of walking under the rain while the wind blows. Against all odds, this wet weather gives Edinburgh’s winter its unique taste.

  • The Meadows in March

    March is the final month of classes. Ever. It’s incredible that time has flown by so quickly, but the work is by no means completed.

  • Scottish Countryside

    It took us three weeks of constantly checking weather forecasts and excitedly organizing logistics before the right amount of snow, lack of rain and low wind speeds coincided with a weekend to allow us to drive to the Cairngorm National Park to do a bit of Scottish skiing.

  • Big Ben!

    Undoubtedly the craziest month I have had during my time here in Edinburgh. Apart from the two external projects (Fresh Sight and Fridge Friends) and 10 hours of part-time work that I took up, little did I realize the additional weight three academic group assignments would add!

  • Coconut muffins for the University bake sale

    A very special person in my life knocked on my door and told me the news. She was diagnosed with a rare disease which may possibly link to cancer. CANCER. The C-word that send shivers down my spine. I was shocked. I was speechless.


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