Support and Community

Our students receive a strong all-round support in all aspects of their study and life in Edinburgh. As a School, we are committed to ensure all-round well-being of our vibrant student and research community. 

All support services available to our researchers are listed here. 

Support Service Description (Some links are internal)
Supervisors We have a large and experienced team of prominent academics. Each student will have one designated principal (or first) supervisor and one (sometimes more) assistant (or second) supervisor. The first supervisor is a subject specialist, provides help and guidance, and does all the paperwork (e.g. examiner nominations etc). The first supervisor is the first point-of-contact for all situations. The second supervisor(s) may be a subject specialist but with expertise complementary to the first supervisor.
Pastoral The assistant (second) supervisor also plays an important pastoral role. In addition, the Graduate School has a comprehensive list of trained personnel for impartial and confidential advice.
Student Community We are proud to have our very own researcher-led and researcher-run society, EngGradSoc (The Engineering Graduate Society) providing a vibrant programme of events for our postgraduate research students and post-doctoral staff. Also the School Postgrad Experience Committee (SPEC) is a good place to get advice from your own colleagues.
Enhanced Student Support

To cater to everyone, including those with a physical disability or with a mental-health concern, a comprehensive support structure is in place through the University's Student Disability Service

Student Counselling The University has a dedicated Student Counselling Service to offer assistance every step of the way and, especially, during the most challenging personal circumstances.
IT Support The Engineering IT Service resolves and advises on all issues concerning IT, cluster computing, web-page creation, internet issues, data storage and access, software access and computer hardware, 
Technical Support The Engineering Tech Services team provides full support in every stage of development of research infrastructure in our laboratories right through from planning, commissioning to maintenance.
Finance Our School Finance Office provides support for all financial needs including scholarship, stipends, orders, expense claims, etc.
Health and Safety The Health and Safety Policy Statement identifies key elements of The School's Health and Safety management system, giving substance to the School's commitment to the maintenance and improvement of the health, safety and welfare of the School. This commitment extends to all staff, research and taught students, visitors and others who are party to our activities.
Research Commercialisation We work closely with industry. The first point of contact is our own Business Development Executive, Dr. John Jeffrey, who is belongs to Edinburgh Research and Innovation, the University’s commercialisation office, to find practical answers to engineering problems. Committed to forging industrial relationships, many of our degree programmes offer the chance to collaborate with external bodies through thesis and project work.
School of Engineering Staff