Sailing Fluids

An EU - New Zealand research collaboration to develop synergies and make cutting edge breakthroughs in Yacht Engineering.

Our objectives:

  • Gain new breakthroughs in the fluid dynamics of yachts through the synergy of collaborative research effort (i.e. submitting joint research proposals, performing joint research and writing joint high-impact journal papers).
  • Enhance the expertise of the participants through the knowledge transfer of their complementary specialist expertise (performing joint research, organising training sessions, workshops and seminars).
  • Enhance the impact of the research on the yacht industry and facilitate the transformation of research outcomes into technological innovations (i.e. creating an international association that highlights, promotes and coordinates networking activities, such as, international conferences, workshops and professional development courses).
  • Enhance the cross-fertilisation of valuable knowledge in the area of expertise of the participants into different engineering fields (organising networking activities between academic centres of excellence and leading industrial companies)

Current Research:

  • Aerodynamics of Sails
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction of Sails
  • Hydrodynamics of Slender Hulls
  • Tactics for Yacht Racing
Racing Sailing Yachts
Racing Sailing Yachts

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