Membrane Technology Facilities

Our research facilities are located at the William Rankine Building, within the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings Campus, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. This building and the neighbouring Alexander Graham Bell Building host the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment.


Our research group has access to several research laboratories. Most of our bench-scale experimentation is carried out in our main state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with;

  • ample bench space, storage cabinets and fume hoods,
  • a separate radiotracer facility,
  • a controlled environment room for high precision experiments,
  • a laboratory water purification system,
  • extensive cross-flow, stirred cell, submerged and electrodialysis membrane filtration systems, and
  • a suite of analytical instruments and computerized data recording systems.

Field-scale reverse osmosis and electrodialysis systems are also available in a shared laboratory for larger-scale applications while our pilot systems are accommodated at Heriot-Watt University.


The University of Edinburgh hosts first-class research facilities and most instruments can be accessed on campus or through either Scottish Research Pooling facilities or UK Research Council facilities UK-wide. The following instruments are currently available in our laboratory for sample analysis;

  • Liquid scintillation counter,
  • Nutrient analyser,
  • Total organic carbon (TOC) analyser (liquid and sediments),
  • Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer,
  • Nanosizer for nanoparticle size and zeta potential analysis, and
  • Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer.
William Rankine Building, King's Buildings, Edinburgh
William Rankine Building, King's Buildings
Membrane Technology Research laboratory
Membrane Technology research laboratory
Membrane Technology Facilities
Membrane Technology Facilities


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