Robotics SuperLab

The Robotics SuperLab, where we Invent, Play, Build and Explore 'What is Robot?'

The objective is to be a world-leading robotics research laboratory. Our aim is to be problem led with a focus on unmet requirements. To invent new concepts and transformative technologies to solve significant stakeholder held problems.

Our main mission and purpose are to connect people and communities to enable them to generate ideas and kickstart the innovation pipeline of the future using next generation robotics.

Centred in Edinburgh, the SuperLab provides an open & holistic environment where human meets technology, design & engineering across robotics.


  • Create environment where experimentation is encouraged and learn through failing.
  • Be bold in our approach and constantly question the status quo and to boldly try things not done before.
  • Push boundaries and discover through advance play and by asking hard questions and going after things previously thought not possible.

The SuperLab is a group of key individuals from across the Schools of Engineering and Informatics, the Business School, Edinburgh College of Art, and The Bayes Centre. Bringing together academia, other organisations and industry. It is recognised and understood that stakeholder involvement is essential from the beginning of a research project, here design and innovation output are optimised to the end user’s requirements. The most effective, and necessary, method of achieving this is through co-creation within a multidisciplinary ecosystem.

Research Focus

  • There is an unmet need in building, from scratch, novel robotic systems.
  • The laboratory will work at technology readiness level 0-3, with strong focus on research.
  • Working at low TRLs, the SuperLab conducts fundamental academic research to unlock new markets and address significant R&D challenges that will create new technology. 
  • The SuperLab will focus on: Interaction: robots with other robots - robots with people - robots with the environment. Design: Design in robotics is something that is rarely always considered however is important for end-users and client requirements.

The goal of the Robotics SuperLab is to bring together academia with industry and small businesses to expand opportunities for developing new partnerships and to integrate robotics, as a disruptive technology, through co-creation to industry applications. 

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Dr Adam Stokes / Dr Karen Donaldson

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Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems
School of Engineering
The University of Edinburgh
Scottish Microelectronics Centre
The King's Buildings
Mayfield Road