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Institute for Digital Communications staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Adrian Sparks

Mr Xiping Wu Communications +44(0)131 6513492

Mrs Hanaa Abumarshoud

Mr Mohammad Dehghani Soltani +44(0)131 6505659

Dr Mario Valerio Giuffrida Signal and Image Processing

Dr Shahzad Gishkori Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6507454

Mr Stefan Ivanov Videv +44(0)131 6505683

Dr Thomas Joyce

Dr Enrique Poves

Dr Dimitrios Kamilis Tomography

Dr Evangelos Vlachos Communications, Signal and Image Processing

Dr Yue Wu

Mr Godwin Ilemona Enemali +44(0)131 6505619

Dr Madeleine Kotzagiannidis

Dr David Wright Signal and Image Processing

Dr Dongdong Chen Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6502257

Mr Fraser Coutts

Dr Mohammad Golbabaee

Mr Sudip Biswas Communications

Mr Pedro Gomes

Mr Cheng Chen

Mr Iman Tavakkolnia +44(0)131 6507454

Mr Tezcan Cogalan

Mr Shenjie Huang

Dr Hamada Alshaer

Mr Hossein Kazemi +44(0)131 6507454

Dr Keshav Singh

Mr Nikolaos Dionelis

Dr Mengwei Sun +44(0)131 6507454

Dr Mohamed Sufyan Islim Communications


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