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Institute for Digital Communications staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Dr David Wright Signal and Image Processing

Dr Dongdong Chen Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6502257

Dr Hamada Alshaer

Mr Xiaoyan Shi

Mr Bhanu Prakash Reddy Bujala

Mr Junqi Tang +44(0)131 6505659

Dr William H Nailon

Mr Cheng Chen

Mr Yibo He

Ms Lin Zhou

Ms Paula Aquilina

Ms Miryam Perez

Mr Yunlu Wang

Mr Huasen He

Mr Mohamed Sufyan Islim Communications

Mr Rui Bian

Mr Shenjie Huang

Ms Elham Sarbazi

Mr Ardimas Andi Purwita

Mr Zhihong Zeng Communications

Mr Xiping Wu Communications +44(0)131 6513492

Mr Hussien Theeb D Alrakah

Mr Jinho Kim Communications

Dr Dushyantha Basnayaka +44(0)131 6507454

Mr Tezcan Cogalan

Mr Liang Yin +44(0)131 6505665

Mr Jonathan Mason

Prof Michael E Davies Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505795

Dr Yunjie Yang Tomography +44(0)131 6502767

Mr Hancong Wu Bioengineering, Tomography, Sensors +44(0)131 6505659


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