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  • Superconductivity is broadly recognised for its contribution to solving key research and societal challenges in Energy and Healthcare sectors. This theme includes research into the synthesis, characterisation and understanding of superconducting materials, as well as the design, modelling and testing of superconducting devices.

    Magnetic levitation of superconductor
  • The Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation theme addresses the economic and policy aspects of energy systems, combining together expertise on applied economics, innovation theory, energy system organisations and institutions, and the wider policy and regulatory context of energy.

    The energy trilemma
  • The aim of the group is to develop cost-competitive technologies for electricity and thermal energy storage. The work ranges from the development of the storage technologies to their integration into the wider energy system.

    Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (ACAES)
  • Understanding the interactions between energy generation and climate is crucial to providing a resilient and secure energy supply in the future.

    The role of power generation in driving climate change is well accepted and a significant amount of the work in this research theme aims to develop not only low carbon energy sources like marine, wind and hydropower but also enhance their contribution by managing variability through network-friendly machines and energy storage.

    Scotland's Wave Resource (Scottish Executive Matching Study, 2006)
  • Our research in fluid mechanics aims at developing new knowledge and technology to decarbonise our society; to combat climate change and its impacts; to enable secure, affordable and clean energy; and to conserve and sustainably use the oceans and seas. 

    Separated vortex ring in the wake of a porous disk
  • This research theme focusses on offshore renewable energy research and development ranging from resource assessment and prediction, to converter design, optimisation and control.

    Salter Duck wave energy converter test rig
  • Privatisation and deregulation of the electricity industry together with increasing penetrations of renewable and gas-fired generation have created a variety of technical and economic issues that must be addressed. These issues are separated into 5 research areas.

    Transmission Tower


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