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Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Ian Underwood +44(0)131 6505631

Ms Katrina Saridakis +44(0)131 6507474

Ms Wilma Kelly +44(0)131 6507474

Mr Fengzhou Wang Bioengineering, Signal and Image Processing, Tomography, Sensors, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation +44(0)131 6505619

Mr Michael Chung

Mr Kasper Henrikki Buckbee

Mr Asa'ad kareem edaan Al-Masha'Al +44(0)131 6507474

Dr Istvan Gyongy

Dr Camelia Dunare +44(0)131 6505625

Mr Andras Kufcsak

Mr Anthony Bulling +44(0)131 6507858

Miss Jennifer Dodoo

Mr Matthew Donora

Ms Ugne Mitrikeviciute

Dr Ahmet T Erdogan

Mr Godwin Ilemona Enemali +44(0)131 6505619

Mr Tarek Al Abbas

Dr Nicholas Johnston

Dr Neil Finlayson

Mr Francescopaolo Mattioli Della Rocca

Miss Yichen Du +44(0)131 6505619

Mr Paul Sullivan

Mr Yangchun Li

Miss Karina Jeronimo +44(0)131 6507758

Mr Rui Song

Ms Chiara Garbellotto

Mr Gianluca Melino

Mr Ross Drysdale

Mr Scott Deans

Mr Hanning Mai +44(0)131 6505664


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