PhD Opportunities

PhD Research Project opportunities at the Institute for Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS)
PhD Titlesort descending Research Themes Principal Investigator
3D electrospun hydrogel cell scaffold with opto-responsive fiber core for extracellular oxygen and pH mapping Bioengineering, Materials and Structures, Optical Systems and Materials, Sensors, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation

Dr Norbert Radacsi

A Wearable Low Power Radio Frequency Head Imaging Device for Medical Diagnostics and Monitoring Bioengineering, Sensors

Prof Tughrul Arslan

Design, manufacturing and test of a lactate sensor for the detection of hypoxia during baby delivery Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Jon Terry

Development of CMOS based time-of-flight sensor for optical imaging Bioengineering, Optical Systems and Materials, Sensors

Dr Danial Chitnis

Development of impedance sensing and measurement techniques for biomedical applications Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Stewart Smith

Development of integrated multi-modal sensors for monitoring brain activity Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Danial Chitnis

Electronics for wearable EEG headset in Neurorehabilitation Application Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Srinjoy Mitra

Event based signal processing for isotope identification at reduced power Sensors, Smart Wireless Devices and Systems

Dr Alister Hamilton

High Resolution SPAD image Sensor for 3D imaging or LIDAR Sensors

Prof Robert Henderson

Integration of Microfluidic assembly with CMOS electronics for Point-of-care devices Sensors

Dr Srinjoy Mitra

Low Power Ambient Radiation Sensors Using CMOS SPADs Sensors

Prof Robert Henderson

Micro-sensors for adaptive acoustic transduction Bioengineering, Sensors

Professor Rebecca Cheung

Novel implanted bio-sensors to detect real-time recurrence and growth of primary brain tumours Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Stewart Smith

Wireless, wearable pressure sensors for sports equipment and medical compression clothing Bioengineering, Sensors

Dr Philip Hands

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