ElmoNet Q Project

Impact of increasing penetration of electrical vehicles and photovoltaic installations on power quality in public low voltage distribution networks

Dr Sasa Djokic, Reader in Electrical Power Systems at the University of Edinburgh, is involved in the ElmoNetQ project with the main task to help with the validation of the models of electric vehicles (EVs) and photovoltaic (PV) systems, which will be developed by the TU Dresden team for the analysis of EV & PV impact on power quality in low voltage (LV) public distribution networks.

Dr Djokic is a recognised expert in the areas of power quality and load modelling/aggregation in LV distribution networks. He previously has established a "library of load models", which includes a number of sophisticated and versatile models of different types of loads and generation systems, as well as their aggregate representations for implementation in different network studies, including analysis of harmonics, unbalances and other power quality-related phenomena. He will contribute to the ElmoNetQ project by providing an independent verification of the modelling work performed in Dresden, including possible exchange of measurement results.

It is expected that the collaboration on this project will result in further advances in the areas of power quality and load modelling at both Dresden and Edinburgh Universities.

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